Social Media and Small Business Advantage #1: Personality

Think that the big corporations with the big budgets have the edge in online marketing? You should probably think again. Forbes writer T.J. McCue’s article of 19 Things Successful People Do on Social Media reads like a list of small business advantages. #7: They are genuine and  #15: Success in social media demands that you get personal describe two of the biggest reasons that customers choose the locally owned business over the corporation. Social media just magnifies the difference.

#15: Success in social media demands that you get personal.

I find it laughable that CEOs join social networks only to post about their companies. There are , no doubt, some high profile CEOs that people follow regardless, but most knowledgeable executives understand you have to get personal. That above lighthearted joke about what you had for lunch is not what I mean. “People don’t fall in love with hex colors and logos — they fall in love with people”

As a small business owner or manager, your customers want your personality in the mix, though they may not explicitly say so. So, don’t share every trip to grocery store (except on Foursquare), but do share that photo of the new pet or the Little League victory in the family.