Is your company mobile friendly?

Is your site mobile friendly?

Google made quite a splash late last month by announcing in advance a change to its search rankings. Starting April 21, Google “will be expanding its use of mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal.”

Is your site mobile friendly?

Is your site mobile friendly?

Even if Google search results don’t matter to you, mobile friendliness matters for a whole host of reasons. A 2013 Pew Research Study showed that

61% of cell owners…are classified as smartphone owners. Because 91% of the adult population now owns some kind of cell phone, that means that 56% of all American adults are now smartphone adopters.

That study is nearly 2 years old, so it’s a safe bet that smart phone adoption is pushing the 80% range by now. And of the other 39% of cell phones, most have some sort of web browsing capability, usually on smaller screens where “mobile friendly” is even more important.

According to studies by Google, “67 percent of users are more likely to purchase items from a mobile site.” Mobile-Friendly Factors as a Ranking Signal

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